Yoga Mat Ages 5-10

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Size: 24”W x 60”L

Extra Thick Deluxe: 1/4”

Weight: 1.11 lbs

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New! Yoga Mat for Kids ages 5-10!

My OM Little Yoga Mat is one of the stickiest and extra thick (over ¼”) yoga mats proportioned to fit a child ages 5-10, at a size of 24” wide by 60” long. The textured non-slip sticky surface helps children keep their footing and the luxurious cushioning protects joints, bones and muscles. This hypoallergenic yoga mat is completely free of latex, lead, phthalates, heavy metals and printed with eco-friendly ink. You will love how extremely durable, lightweight and long lasting this yoga mat is.

Start your little yogi off on the right foot with My OM Little Yoga Mat.

My OM Little Mat colours are chakra inspired.

Violet | Crown Chakra (self-knowledge, enlightenment, visionary, creative, introspective, wisdom, peaceful)

Blue | Throat Chakra (self-expression, communication, truthful, compassionate, protective, faithful, calming, trustworthy)

My OM Little Yoga Mat designs are based on authentic yoga poses and symbols from India.

Elephant | Ganesha is a popular figure in India and is identified with the Hindu mantra OM. Ganesha is a symbol of removing obstacles, intellect and wisdom.

Lotus | Lotus is the National flower of India. It grows in muddy water and rises and blooms above the murk to achieve enlightenment. The lotus flower represents awakening, rebirth, wealth and good luck.

Sun | Yoga honors the sun in a series of poses called sun salutations. We greet each new day with thankfulness for light, heat and life.

Heart | Yoga allows us to open our hearts and minds, bringing us compassion and love for ourselves and others.

For more information on the use & care of this yoga mat, click here.

• Latex free
• Hypoallergenic
• Free from phthalate, lead, heavy metals and AZO dyes
• Printed with eco-friendly ink
• Extra thick ¼ (twice the thickness of a standard yoga mat)
• Textured, non- slip sticky surface
• Open cell surface that absorbs moisture
• Extremely durable, lightweight and long lasting
• Easy to clean with soap and water

Multipurpose Uses:
• Tummy time
• Play time
• Story time
• Tumble time
• Music & Movement
• Diaper changing
• Nap time
• Massages
• Stretching
• Relaxation & Mindfulness
• Picnics, parks, beaches
• Camping
• Traveling
• Mommy & Me classes
• Daycare, preschool
• Physical therapy


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